The CFR Difference

There are two types of insurance agencies:

  • Vendors: The total focus is product and price and insurance is a commodity. There are no Value-Added Services over and above the placement and purchase of insurance.
  • Trusted Advisors: The total focus is on using a systematic approach and Value Added Services to achieve the goals of lowering your Total Cost of Risk and making you more attractive to the insurance marketplace.

CFR will work not only with you, but will coordinate with your other advisors to ensure that no issue critical to the profitable operation of your business is overlooked.

Risk ManagementRisk Management

Your company is not like any other.  Your industry, your management style, your culture, your customers – all combine to make your risk profile unique.  

We choose to work with industries that we are experienced with and passionate about; we love what you do just as much as you love it.

Think of us as a full-time extension of your business team.  We search out the best resources & tools to get the job done.  Whether it’s market access, benchmarking, claims advocacy, loss control, loss forecasting, or insurance jargon, we are here to help you make sense of it all.

Our goal is to help make your business successful and profitable.  We do this by minimizing your overall cost of doing business, and insurance placement is only one aspect of this process.  We help make your business profitable by diving right in, figuring out what is driving up cost, and solving the specific problem.

Insurance MazeInsurance Services

Let’s face it.  Insurance is boring.  Regulations, paperwork, daily process.  The Grind.  Let us do it for you.  We actually don’t mind.  We kind of like it, even.  We’re wired for it.  

It’s critical to have a process. While simple tasks such as certificates of insurance and auto ID cards are mundane and basic, process in general is critical. It is the framework to support everything, and the tool to help guarantee consistent quality.

Employee Benefits

Your benefit plan is more than just options on a spreadsheet.  It’s your employees.  It’s a delicate balance between their needs and your company’s bottom line.

But it’s a crazy time in the benefits world.  Health care reform is changing rapidly, costs are increasing, and you still need to provide a competitive benefits package.  It’s critical that your benefits consultant be on top of it all and be your advocate.

Think of us as a full-time extension of your business team.  We have resources available to make your job easier.


Consultative Approach

Would you represent yourself in court?  No, you would hire an attorney.  Do you file your own taxes?  You probably hire an accountant.  Do you choose these people based on cost alone?  No, you choose them based on knowledge, expertise, and reputation. Why should your Risk Consultant or Insurance Broker be any different?

We understand your current design and have knowledge and expertise to make it better, using alternative risk transfer ideas, and our market leverage and relationships to get the preferred treatment.

We recognize that clients require more than just brokerage services.  Our consultative approach combines placement of insurance with a comprehensive service partnership with our clients.