magic-wandHey, How'd You Do That?

The fact is, our clients like working with us, our vendors like working with us, and our employees like working here.  How does this all come about?

It’s magic.

Magic doesn’t just happen; it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work.  

We start with the hiring process.  We have a great cast and crew, and we don’t hire just anybody.  We go beyond standard hiring criteria.   Of course, we look for people who are capable of doing the tasks required of them.  But we also look for people with a certain spark, an eight or better on a scale of one to ten.  Do they show up on time?  Do they do what they say they are going to do?  Are they courteous and respectful of others?

From there, we use the Kolbe concept to build high-achieving teams.  This means that each person on your service team has a particular role, and they are good at that role.  It’s their natural talent.  When they all work together, you get dynamic service.  The differences between individuals, when put together in such a way as to complement each other and work toward a common goal, make a beautiful bouquet.

We believe in the relationship. Whether it's the relationship between employee and customer, management and employee, company and community, or company and vendor, people just prefer interacting with other people they like. Good connection with clients, with each other, and with management.  Mutual trust and respect is healthy for any relationship.

We believe in education.  For employees, continuing education.  For our clients, newsletters and seminars.  For the community, we believe that we can change the world by improving public education.

We believe in celebrating each other's and the company’s success.

CFR’s structure is transparent.  There are no hidden agendas or roadblocks.  CFR is basically structured as a flat management system.  This gives everybody access to the top level management team.  They have an open-door policy where anybody can bring in any issue at any time and people are encouraged to find solutions to the challenges they may face at CFR.  Then, the management team goes through and actually implements the solutions.  Mutual trust and respect.

When all of these elements work together, everybody gets a piece of the pie.  For our employees, this means sharing in the success of the company, both financially and emotionally.  For our clients, this means getting the best customer service.

Like magic.

We invite you to experience our magic.

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