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Group Insurance can be extremely confusing for your employees and their dependents.

If you choose, we will work on behalf of your employees to guide them through the insurance system. That may be as simple as educating members how to understand an Explanation of Benefits statement. It may also include more one-on-one consultation, such as assisting a member through the appeal process for a denied claim.

Some of our clients, however, want all issues to be channeled through the internal benefits department. That's ok, too. We will work with your team to determine the appropriate protocol for handling employee issues.


Through more than a century of combined experience, our team has developed high level contacts within the carrier marketplace that assist us in expediting requests and getting problems solved. The CFR Health and Benefits Team also uses electronic records, which allows all team members to access information at any time. This leads to a more efficient response time for you and your employees.

Strategic Plan Development

We believe the most critical, first step in any successful client relationship is to develop a strategic plan. Without a clearly defined goal, our team can not effectively help our clients achieve the desired outcome. We also recognize flexibility is important, because as situations change, so must the goals.

We take into account your benefits philosophy, as well as the overall philosophy of your company. Most of our groups focus on cost containment strategies, streamlining employer responsibilities, and increasing employee satisfaction.

Once there is an initial understanding of overall goals, our team uses the following continuous process:

  1. Identify Opportunities
  2. Develop Strategies
  3. Implement Solutions
  4. Measure Results

In addition, our team will build tracking tools so all parties can see what is planned and when completion is expected.

Custom Communications

We provide Documents on Demand, newsletters, benefit statements, and enrollment materials.

Employee Benefits Consultants

Jay Condry
Benefits Consultant

Kelly Elkins
Benefits Consultant

Tony Ishmael
Benefits Consultant

Jack Nicar
Benefits Consultant

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