Close working relationships with all insurers, adjusters, and medical providers get optimum results, and lessen expense and exposure for our clients. Once notified of a loss, our claims team goes to work for you. We work hand in hand with you and your insurance company to get your claim resolved quickly and efficiently, because we know that at this time things can be difficult.

Experienced Claims Support

We have a wealth of tools that we can use to bring a claim to a full and final settlement rather than letting it continue indefinitely. Our claims department can sit in on file reviews, review claim notes, and review medical and legal documents pertaining to the claim. By analyzing loss runs, we can benchmark trends such as type of injury, department, etc. This way, safety training and awareness can be targeted where needed most. Our dedicated claims department will work hands-on and face-to-face with you to drive down the cost of claims, thus lowering your total cost of risk.


24/7/365 Claims Service


It’s never a convenient time for a claim. We also know some are much more urgent than others. With that in mind, you shouldn’t have to wait until business hours to get the process started. CFR has multiple methods for reporting non-urgent claims at all hours. For more urgent claims, we have experienced claims representatives on call to provide assistance immediately.

To reach a Claims Specialist after hours, call:

800-375-8631 x588

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