Enterprise Risk Management

ERMThere are enough reasons to fill a book as to why companies have failed at ERM implementation.  Whether you need to respond to pressures from the board, the SEC, and rating agencies or want to implement value-driven ERM, there is an overwhelming amount of information to wade through and many pitfalls to avoid.  To help you navigate the rough waters of ERM implementation, we developed the following value-driven solutions:

ERM Consulting

Our Enterprise Risk Practice provides individualized attention to your specific ERM needs and uses our extensive experience to help you successfully design, implement, and advance a sustainable ERM process. Our ERM services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Detailed Risk Analysis
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Risk Management Diagnostic
  • ERM Design & Implementation

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ERM Coach

The focus of our ERM Coach program is empowering you to implement ERM in your organization by providing the direction and tools you need to succeed.  The first year of our ERM Coach program involves four one-day sessions scheduled throughout the year, conference calls in between the sessions to check on your progress, and exclusive personal networking opportunities with our other members


Workers' Compensation

Workers Compensation NCCI Critical Date Review

Did you know that loss data as of NCCI’s audit date affect your company’s Workers Compensation premiums for three years? In order to obtain the lowest possible experience mod, it is essential for this data to be correct at the time it is viewed by the NCCI. At CFR, we have qualified personnel who can analyze your claims before NCCI performs its audit. We can help resolve claim issues before they impact your long-term Workers Compensation premiums.

Experience Mod Audits & Analysis

About ninety days before your renewal, NCCI sends you what’s called a “mod worksheet”detailing the data used to determine your experience mod. Very often, this worksheet contains incorrect information. CFR will analyze this data and assist incorrecting any errors, so that your mod accurately reflects your risk.

TPA Capability for Workers' Compensation

OSHA 300 Log Access Online

CFR provides MyWaveOSHA to give you a fast and convenient way to input and update OSHA recordable incidents. Here, you can create the OSHA Form 300 (Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses), OSHA Form 300A (the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses), and the OSHA Form 301 (Injury and Illness Report). Additionally, you’ll be able to identify problem areas and spot trends by doing a statistical analysis of the information contained in the required OSHA forms.  Learn More about MyWaveOSHA

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